Synthia Glove ready for FITC SF

I'll be heading up to FITC SF next week, to give two talks. One on working with the Adobe Open Source Media Framework (OSMF), called 'Getting Started with OSMF and one on the Synthia project, called 'Hearing Pictures with Synthia'.

I'm excited to give both. But I've just this moment finished tuning the version of Synthia that I will be demonstrating. In Amsterdam and Toronto earlier this year, I discussed, from a creative perspective, many of the steps I went through to create the publicly usable version of Synthia, which you can play with at SynthiaHearsPictures.com.

But in recent weeks, I started work on a new version of Synthia — or rather, a new way of playing Synthia. The web version of Synthia is played just by selecting a photo. In this new version of Synthia (which will not be made available online, because of hardware requirements), Synthia *composes* a track (and provides instrumentation) from a source image, but *you* control playback — with the webcam and a custom glove that I made.

The glove, pictured here with this post, has seven sensors not-so-secretly-hidden in it: three distance sensors, three buttons, and a bend sensor. Each is wired into this new version of Synthia to control playback (along with additional hooks for webcam motion detection), to create a really fun, active and engaging musical experience.

To see the Synthia Glove in action, don't miss my talk, 'Hearing Pictures with Synthia', 11:15A, on Tuesday, August 17th, day one of the conference.

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