Synthia at iMDAa 2010, Vancouver, 11/5

I spent this morning finishing up the keynote presentation that I will be giving this Friday, at iDMAa 2010 in Vancouver, November 4-6 (which we are sponsoring).

The talk is 'Hearing Pictures', which is an exploration of the path I took in creating Synthia, the first musical instrument to come out of Almer/Blank Labs.

The web version of Synthia translates pictures into music and plays it. I will also show the version that I continue to work on, that utilizes a custom glove and the webcam to enable human interaction to impact Synthia's playback — enabling the human to act as conductor to Synthia's composer and musician.

I've given the 'Hearing Pictures' talk before (this will be the fourth time — you can watch the version I presented at FITC Toronto in April), but as with all of my talks it continues to evolve.

As the theme of iDMAa 2010 is 'Digital Narratives', I also took this opportunity to explore that portion of the topic in a bit more detail. Now, I not only use this talk as a means to tell a compelling story, I also define and explore the core ingredients of any compelling story — providing supporting evidence and examples from art and science. I'd post the summary of the conclusion here, but without the context of the full talk, it probably wouldn't be all that compelling — you really have to see it live to appreciate its message.

As usual, I'm really looking forward to giving this talk — it's such a fun and intriguing topic, and a break from my more usual technical talks on ActionScript 3, Flash Video, and OSMF.

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