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We're Sony/Adobe AIR App Challenge Finalists

Almer/Blank is very pleased to have learned this morning that we are finalists in the Adobe AIR App Challenge, Sponsored by Sony.
The goal: To make a kick-ass app for the new Sony P Tablet, which (as you can see from the included image) has a folding, two-screen display, sort…

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StageVideo, Part 1: What is it?

I've been working with StageVideo more this year, as I've been giving talks on the topic (most recently at Adobe MAX). I posted the commented code from that talk (the simple code demo, and the more complex code demo), but didn't go into much detail about StageVideo itself and how…

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StageVideo Code & Slides from Adobe MAX 2011

Now that Adobe MAX 2011 is over, I wanted to post the slides and sample code from my session.
The talk was called 'Delivering the Best Flash HD Video', since that was really the main point of the session. But, at a technical level, the talk covered StageVideo, which was…

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Introducing MAXPlorer, Multi-Device P2P "Scavenger Hunt" Game

Almer/Blank is very pleased to announce MAXPlorer, real-time, P2P, multi-player game, built with Adobe Flash technology, that runs on:

Desktop Browsers (Mac, PC, Linux with FP 10.2)
Desktop App (Mac and PC with AIR)
Android (with AIR 2.7)
Blackberry Playbook…

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Team Adobe @ Mobile HackDays: Warships

As I posted last week, Almer/Blank was representing as Team Adobe at the Los Angeles Mobile HackDays.
Team Adobe did not win. The prize was time with a VC panel, and was given to a team who could actually use that (congratulations, InstaPol!).
But Team Adobe did kick butt. How…

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