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The State of Flash & Devices

The topic of Flash on mobile and set-top devices is one which is popular and hotly-debated — made all the more compelling by Apple’s (very) public statements on Adobe’s technology. And, in large part due to Apple’s positioning on the issue, there is a great deal of misinformation about Flash…

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Almer/Blank Pioneers Flash Catalyst

As I recently posted (with pix!), Adobe was in our offices in February, shooting a customer success video, about some of the work we did on the Toyota Dealership Network.
It turns out that Adobe is creating two videos out of the footage they got down here in Venice. And…

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The Truth About Flash & Devices: On May 11th

Rumors of Flash's demise have been greatly exaggerated.
The truth is, Flash on mobile is alive and well. The world of Flash on devices is booming, with Flash content running on phones and tablets — even the iPhone and iPad! And there's a whole new generation of televisions and set-top…

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The "WMODE" Embed Parameter De-Mystified

I'm continuing work on my talk for FITC Toronto 2011 on OSMF and Stage Video in Flash Player 10.2 (although I've come up with a much better title, which will hopefully be updated on the event site shortly).
As I'm doing a bit of research to fill in the details,…

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Stage Video @ FITC Toronto

Howdy all:
As I mentioned in my post last week on Multiple Monitor Support in Flash Player 10.2, I will be speaking at FITC Toronto 2011, which runs May 2nd through 4th at The Guvernment in downtown Toronto.
The talk I'm giving is "Stage Video in OSMF" (I'm going to…

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