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How Synthia Thinks

I've been back in town a little while now, and am feeling a little guilty that I haven't had more time to post on Synthia. I am planning to capture some video of me describing/illustrating the process of creating Synthia, but until that's done, I want to start posting some…

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Welcome to Synthia

We are back from FITC Amsterdam, and it was, as usual, a really great time.
While in Amsterdam, Almer/Blank debuted Synthia, the first publicly usable musical instrument to emerge from Project Ludi at Almer/Blank Labs.

Synthia, on the web, is a Flash 10 application that translates pictures into music —…

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ZamfBrowser 1.2 and ZendAmfServiceBrowser Update

Over the weekend I updated both the ZamfBrowser application and the ZendAmfServiceBrowser class that gives the ZamfBrowser information about your ZendAMF services set up.  …

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Welcome To Synthia

As I write this, I'm also packing up to head off to Amsterdam in the morning, to debut Synthia at FITC Amsterdam, so I will unfortunately have to be brief.
I will be posting more information in the coming weeks, as we, at Almer/Blank Labs continue plugging away, refining…

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OSMF Sample Player Update

Some of you may have checked out the courses I posted over on the Adobe Developer Connection on building progressive and streaming video players with the Adobe Open Source Media Framework (OSMF).
Unfortunately, even those courses are relatively new, the code in them no longer works, because OSMF has advanced…

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