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Hyped about Hype

I just came across one of the coolest AS3 toolkits I've seen in a long time – Hype. Basically, the point of Hype is to make UI design as easy and fast as possible. It includes commonly used algorithms used in visual and audio design such as grids, shapes, random…

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Adding ActionScript Dynamically to Frames with addFrameScript() in AS3

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addFrameScript, both powerful and undocumented, is an ActionScript 3 method supported by instances of the MovieClip class. It is inherently part of the way that Flash creates SWFs, which means that, while it is undocumented, it will likely be with us for some…

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Capturing ADDED_TO_STAGE in ActionScript 3

The ADDED_TO_STAGE event is a really handy one in AS3 — it tells you when a display object has been added to the display list.
But I'd been wondering if there were a way to put a single ADDED_TO_STAGE event listener on the stage, to know when anything was added…

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Intro to Open Source Media Framework and Flash

I have recently completed a course on working with the Adobe Open Source Media Framework. Introduction to the Adobe Open Source Media Framework for Flash, which is 90 minutes of video-based online training, has been posted to the Adobe Developer Connection, and to the Rich Media Institute.
OSMF is relatively…

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R Blank’s Talk from Adobe MAX

Adobe has posted R Blank's talk at MAX 2009, 'Practical ActionScript 3 for Flash CS3 and CS4' to Adobe TV. You may download the slides and accompanying code files from R's blog.…

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