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"St. Moritz TV – Lifestyle Television" Launched

Almer/Blank has introduced their latest international website with the launch of the second public release of "St. Moritz TV – Lifestyle Television". St. Moritz TV is hosted in Europe and includes the Flex application that allows a visitor to watch the official internet television of the popular tourism destination in…

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Introducing MongoAS3

I've recently finished some work on a project I've been doing on my downtime at nights called MongoAS3, an ActionScript 3 driver for MongoDB. The driver is now at version 0.1 and I've written a getting started blog post on my personal blog here: http://omar.likesflex.com/?p=37.
MongoAS3 lets you establish a…

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The "WMODE" Embed Parameter De-Mystified

I'm continuing work on my talk for FITC Toronto 2011 on OSMF and Stage Video in Flash Player 10.2 (although I've come up with a much better title, which will hopefully be updated on the event site shortly).
As I'm doing a bit of research to fill in the details,…

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Catch All Unhandled AS3 Errors in FP 10.1

I've been preparing my 'Practical ActionScript 3' talk for MAX 2010. This process consists mainly of updating the slides and code from the same talk at MAX 2009 (archived here on Adobe TV).
Of course, since last year's MAX, we've had a new version of the Flash Player, and the…

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Free ActionScript 3 Workshop

In addition to the lab I will be giving at MAX, 'Designing Custom Video Players', I will also be giving my talk on ActionScript 3 fundamentals, called 'Practical ActionScript 3 for Flash Professional'.
This talk — now three years old (of course, updated) — is one of my favorites. I…

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