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Using Flash to Turn Pictures into Music

I've just publicly released the first available output from the Synesthesizer — a side-project, executed in Flash, that translates pictures into music. The Synesthesizer is the first tangible product of Project Ludi, an internal skunkworks project here at Almer/Blank, the goal of which is to translate any type of media…

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ZamfBrowser 1.1

Just posted an update to ZamfBrowser.  ZamfBrowser can now generate code for use in either Flash or Flex based projects.  …

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Hype/Papervision3D Demo

So after getting my hands on the new Hype framework, I wanted to put together a simple demo together that utilizes a combination of the SoundAnalyzer class and some 3D eye candy (via Papervision3D).
First off, I can say that I really like being able to play around with the…

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The Ideal Flash Symbol Library

Roughly one year ago, I decided to sit down and write up some notes, and draft some wires, of where I thought the Flash IDE GUI could be improved to support improved workflow. As I'm sure any power-user of any tool feels, I have my own special beefs with the…

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CBS.com Video Player Full Screen Bug

My fiancee and I were watching 'TV' last night. (I say 'TV' in quotes because, since getting FiOS, we don't actually watch TV anymore — opting instead to consume most of our media through Hulu, Netflix — and, of course, South Park Studios).
But last night, she had a hankering…

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