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Synthia at iMDAa 2010, Vancouver, 11/5

I spent this morning finishing up the keynote presentation that I will be giving this Friday, at iDMAa 2010 in Vancouver, November 4-6 (which we are sponsoring).
The talk is 'Hearing Pictures', which is an exploration of the path I took in creating Synthia, the first musical instrument to come…

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Synthia Glove @ FITC SF

I'm just back in the office from FITC SF, which was a really great time.
As I posted before the conference, during my talk, Hearing Pictures with Synthia, I demonstrated the newest prototype version of Synthia. In this version, Synthia still composes music from pictures and provides instrumentation, but you…

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Synthia Glove ready for FITC SF

I'll be heading up to FITC SF next week, to give two talks. One on working with the Adobe Open Source Media Framework (OSMF), called 'Getting Started with OSMF and one on the Synthia project, called 'Hearing Pictures with Synthia'.
I'm excited to give both. But I've just this moment…

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Synthia Contest Winner

For the past few months, we've been running a contest to encourage suggestions around potential uses for Synthia, which you can hear at SynthiaHearsPictures.com.
The contest ended yesterday, and we picked a winner. Congratulations are in order to Kenny D. from Los Angeles, who provided the winning entry — and…

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How Synthia Thinks

I've been back in town a little while now, and am feeling a little guilty that I haven't had more time to post on Synthia. I am planning to capture some video of me describing/illustrating the process of creating Synthia, but until that's done, I want to start posting some…

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